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Gut-Menschen.org founder Carl Philipp Trump in Berlin, Germany.

Dear visitor,

I am the German cousin of the deep state commander of the US military Donald Trump and I work as a civilian military judge getting studied by the military intelligence service in terms of my emotional-moral cognition in terms of 1.) love, 2.) morality and 3.) logic since my birth in 1988 in West-Berlin, Germany.

I have provided data for over 35 years now and based on my life it can be said that human beings never do 1.) intentionally and 2.) the wrong thing ever in their entire life – where-as there are bad mean creature mafia fucks who just experienced so much stress in their miserable mafia existences that they have severely damaged their 1.) brain structure and also 2.) their nervous system in the chest area so much that they effectively do not qualify as human beings any-more and need to be fought like 1.) brain-dead zombies and 2.) profit-maximising demons by the military as our normal law enforcement in the Western world is just too heavily in-filtrated by bad mean mafia creature fucks:

I got academically trained at the best inter-national universities in 1.) Munich (LMU), 2.) New York City (Columbia) and 3.) London (LSE) I have compiled a list of the ~3,000 worst in-human im-moral mafia fucks on the planet who coordinate a hidden de-facto-slavery-based robbery against all of us workers with a dummy fake demo-cracy in-cluding totally stream-lined war-mongering mafia-media with-in our global society called mafia-capitalism-fascism – meaning the mafia is effectively controlling the entire state apparatus consisting of 1.) fake-mafia-politicians who just do not represent us people at all, 2.) all relevant judges and public prosecutors and even 3.) the relevant law enforcement institutions like 1.) domestic secret service and 2.) federal police force with just brute violence against the human need interests of all the human beings on our wonder-full planet Earth in a de-facto dictator-ship sold to us – the people – by pre-tending through permanent aggressiv propaganda repetition that this totally un-just sup-ression-based mafia rule would be a some-what good rule by the people for the people where-as in reality it is just empirically clear by now that only the im-moral rich mafia fucks ever de-termine all relevant policies entirely according to their broken miss-under-standing of what is good in terms of a truely good management rather than just bad mis-management of all the ressources on our wonder-full planet Earth out of just 1.) pure in-sanity and 2.) delusions – just un-fortunately pre-venting with the help of the brain-washing inter-national child-sex mafia Catholic Curch since 2.000 years a demo-cratic rule of the people by the people wealth tax of 100% – so that every-body can truely live finally according to human dignity which always tries to 1.) defend and 2.) act according to the three aspects 1.) love, 2.) morality and 3.) logic of the blue-purple principle of our modern religion that really is the only true re-presentation of our human nature as good as possible meaning really in full accordance with all the possibilities of our modern technology:

At the top of the dictatorial Western mafia system of the immoral rich mafia fucks in the western world we have the worst 0.1% of the population (8 million bad mean creatures) who are generally the worst in-human im-moral mafia fucks on the entire planet con-sisting of just in-human ruth-less soul-less mafia-terrorists robbing slave exploiters who own the entire economy – who just 1.) do not pay us what our work is actually worth by just hiding what value we create in a business in an hour of our work and as a con-sequence we only get paid a small fraction of what would be fair in terms of the actual working hours spend on our tasks in the job, 2.) they steal our tax payers money by building up bad im-moral agents of the mafia to be-come ministers and other high ranking government officials who just have no other policy in mind than going to end-less war globally to make the government con-stantly buy new weapons from the mafia in-stead of helping the people by having a wealth tax of 100% and finally improving the standard of living globally by investing in infra-structur allowing us to optimise society for 1.) wise long-term pleasure optimisation for every-body globally rather than just idiotic 2.) short-term profit-maximising for only a radical terrorist minority of idiots, and just 3.) hurt us daily through their on-going mafia terror with just un-necessary stress caused by lies and on-going exploitation of 1.) all of us human beings, 2.) the animals and even 3.) the entire planet.

In terms of 1.) their brain structure and 2.) their nervous system in the chest area these in-human im-moral mafia fucks have effectively just really radically de-humanised them-selves through on-going terrorising them-selves through 1.) watching violence against innocent human beings – in-cluding mafia-like 1.) group rapes and even 2.) brutal un-imaginable torture and mutilation of children – finally also 2.) co-mmitting just so many im-moral acts them-selves in their miserable meaning-less mafia existence that they are now, in fact, just either on the lower level 1.) brain-dead follower zombies (ex-emotional humans) and 2.) profit-maximising leader demons (ex-rational humans) on the higher level who, how-ever, can just really not (!) fully 1.) feel and 2.) reason any-more – so the mafia is effectively damaged to a historically never seen be-fore extrem extent – so that mafia members are now-a-days for the first time in human history even so fundamentally broken that they all lost it in terms of the fact that some mafia members – like the German foreign minister Ekel-Fotze Anna-Lena – even admit in public on video that she just does not care at all what her German voters want – effectively empirically con-forming the existence of the mafia through her horrible mafia attitude – even in the highest offices of the Western states which used to be at least to this extrem extent today totally un-known to the general public – so by openly be-having like if she were only in her own violent mafia circles she gave for every-body to see right away with-out being apparently able to realise the obvious logical consequences of her mafia-like arrogant statements any-more – so that despite the normal prestige of her official role she sabotaged her self so significantly in public that she is really just easily re-cognisable for every-body as the just really totally un-acceptable member of the bad mean mafia creatures she really is – as a consequence it is now clear that the military has to defend us human beings against the mafia-terror by the bad mean creatures who deserve to be punished like bad mean creatures are – what goes around comes a-round – the in terms of their cognitive abilities so severely broken mafia fucks just did not realise that violence always creates counter-violence and now they are known to the general public and will be punished by all of us thanks to the help of the great inter-national military community.

In more detail these 1.) zombies and 2.) demons consist of:

1.) in-human im-moral mafia rich guys seeing them-selves as mafia-knights, followed by

2.) in-human im-moral mafia domestic secret service fucks who sup-press the population by not fighting the mafia but by choosing to actually terrorise us, and then we have

3.) in-human im-moral full-time mafia-propagandists – so called “organic intellectuals” as they are not neutrally sharing their honest analysis but these im-moral mafia bull-shitters are organically linked by im-morality to the in-human im-moral mafia owners of the means of production who just let fake-mafia-journalists tell us lies in our stream-lined Western media blurring our minds with manipulative shit – arguing, for instance, that war against human beings in-stead of the mafia is good, that human nature is bad even though 99.9% of the global population is caring and loving and only 0.1% of the population are in-human im-moral mafia fucks, and other utter non-sensetime to fight back: the human being is a 1.) social group being, 2.) moral cultural being and 3.) a true logic being and does not (!) ever in his life ever 1.) intentionally decides to do the 2.) wrong thing human beings live morally good by nature – that is why the scientific term for human beings is“homo sapiens” – Latin for “the wise human” ) – on the other hand, the in-human im-moral mafia fucks are really just brain- and nerve system-damaged zombies & the demons through on-going violence – effectively a totally different bio-logical category than the human beings as this group 1.) intentionally does 2.) wrong things over and over again – so that the inter-subjective scientific term for these in-human im-moral mafia fucks must bemale-factor in-humanus” – Latin for criminal in-human).

As Gut-Menschen we want to intensify the criminal law within our rule of law to punish the mafia zombies & demons with pro-portional corporal punish-ments rather than trivial prison sentences that just empirically do not prevent the relevant bad mean mafia creature activity.

We finally want to punish all those mafia zombies & demons globally on our wonder-full planet Earth who thought they would be above the law for ever and who were so con-vinced of it, that they simply did not really con-template even the idea that they could 1.) ever be punished at all or 2.) even held fully accountable according to their actual total treason 1.) against the entire planet, 2.) all animals and 3.) all of us – in-cluding them-selves – to finally correct their dis-torted world view we Gut-Menschen want to punish all mafia zombies & demons in truely historical proportions with our maximum punish-ment which we call The Punish-Ment:

We want to punish all mafia zombies & demons according to their bad mean creature activity – de-ciding to wanna exist 1.) in-humanly and 2.) im-morally effectively be-ing willing to hurt all of us for no reason at all – therefore, in-human im-moral mafia fucks are really just bad mean creatures that deserve to be send from our global society to the wilder-ness that they have wanted to badly which is full-filled with the maximum punish-ment The Punish-Ment 1.) permanent torture with 2.) maximum intensity for 3.) all eternity – after we have 1.) castrated them, 2.) amputated their legs, 3.) amputated their arms, 4.) cut out their eyes, 5.) put them in forensic psychiatry jackets, fixated them in three square meter prison cells on the floor and just 6.) locked them securely up for all eternity.

By working together with like-minded inter-national human beings we can liberate us from all evil and finally achieve 1.) peace, 2.) love and 3.) harmony – the paradise on Earth for all of us.

You can find the full list of the worst mafia zombies & demons on the planet online on www.morality.online.

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We want The Punish-Ment.

All the best from Berlintake care and be caring,

Carl Philipp Trump

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