Idea – re-branding Gut-Mensch the same way as gay became trans-formative

Gut-Menschen” is currently used in German as a negative derogatory term for naive people who believe the world can become a better place without under-standing the difference between wishful thinking and what is actually possible.

However, the literal meaning of “Gut-Mensch” in German is “good human”. We see a strong similarity to the term gay which was once used as a negative term which has trans-formed into one of the most powerful positive terms in history.’s goal is to re-brand Gut-Mensch on a global scale the same way as gay became trans-formative:

We critically re-flect the pressing issues such as moral corruption of specific im-moral fucks.

We name and shame stupid criminals violating human dignity.

We want to democratically intensify the criminal law (not abolishing the law and not self-administering justice):

We want to punish the im-moral fucks in historic proportions with The Punishment:

Maximum punishment for the im-moral fucks in form of in-definite torture with maximum intensity.

Public castration, amputation of arms and legs, cutting out of the eyes will prepare the im-moral fucks for daily rapes, and on-going torture.

We want The Punishment.

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We fight im-morality – support to change the world to the better.