Topics – re-branding Gut-Mensch the same way as gay be-came trans-formative


Berlin Flag Change

We want to change the flags of Berlin, Germany, and the European Union (EU).

We want the flags to represent our Gut-Menschen culture.

We are Gut-Menschen.

A homeless man sleeps in the street in broad daylight

Blue Movement to end Homelessness

We intend to end homelessness.

We want to walk with many homeless from Europe to the Vatican and ask the Catholic Church to give their money to the poor.

We call this the “Blue Movement” as we want to dress all homeless in blue.


Catholic Church:

Institutionalised Abuse and Financial Intransparency

The Catholic Church is involved in institutionalised sexual abuse of children and money laundering for the mafia.

We want to see full financial transparency: How much wealth does the Church have? How is this wealth spend? Is it used to fund a global pedoclub? Is the Church the mafia?

We think so and push for redistribution of the Church’s wealth fighting climate change and helping the disadvantaged.

Karl Marx portrait on East German 100 mark (1975) banknote closeup macro, famous philosopher, economist, political theorist, sociologist and revolutionary socialist.

Communism = World Peace

We want world peace = communism = democratic control of the means of production (“real democracy”).

Empty hands

End World Hunger

We have enough food to feed everyone.

Yet, 25,000 people starve to death every day (9 million people die every year because of hunger).

Ending World Hunger requires us to change the law so that global food executives become liable for murder.


Harm based Drug Legalisation and Taxation

We are in favour of legalising all drugs, taxing them, and regulating distribution of them according to their actual harm.


Holocaust Remembrance Initiative

We want to drastically increase the number of golden stumbling stones accross Germany and beyond.

Furthermore, we also want to improve the Holocaust monument in Berlin through higher steles.

Remembering The Holocaust prevents us from repeating the horrors of the past.


Micro-Facial Analysis for Justice System 2.0

Micro-facial analysis is a technology that detects even barely noticable emotions in humans.

We want to use that technology to create a “Justice System 2.0“.

Using this modern technology allows us to easily detect liars in our justice system.


Mind Control Technology is real

We need to have an open debate about what the technology is capable of.

Democratic control of mind control technology is needed to prevent another fascist horror.

Let us have this debate.


Modern Crime:

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Modern crime networks use torture to create multiple identities within one person to exploit that individual for sexual and financial gains.

NATO – secret armies to prevent commumism


Secret Armies preventing Communism

NATO operates secret armies to prevent communism.

Some of these armies are run by the Catholic Church and especially by the knight orders.

We reveal who runs the secret NATO armies.


Opus Dei (Latin for “Work of God”):
Gang Criminality of The Catholic Mafia

Baby Trafficking & Financial In-Transparency

Opus Dei members kidnapped between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s (sources: El Pais & German court documents).

Therefore, we want Opus Dei to be classified as a terrorist organisation.

Furthermore, we demand a compensation of 1 million euro for every trafficked baby.

We also think, that Opus Dei is effectively not a religion but a business of gang criminality – in fact, we believe, it is the Catholic mafia and demand full financial transparency.

Opus Dei should pay compensation to all victims and finally be closed as a criminal organisation.


Prosecute the Clintons

The Clintons were friends with the child-trafficker and sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein.

They also invited the sadist and sex-offender Ghislaine Maxwell to their daughter’s wedding.

Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s “Pedo Island” – even though he claimed he was not and he also flew 27-times with the “Lolita Express” private air plane.

Hillary Clinton would be in jail if she were a normal employee of the government for running her own email server.

We ask the US justice system to stop the double standard and finally prosecute the Clintons.


Psychedelics cure Psychopaths

Psychedelics such as LSD might work together with magnetic stimulation therapy to cure people without emotions.

Biological based criminal behavior can be cured by giving psychopaths emotions allowing them to feel empathy.

We can reduce crime this way.


Rape Rapists – reforming the Law

Rape is awful.

Reforming the law means to punish rapists with rape.

Raping rapists will drastically reduce rapes and will also heal trauma.


The Satanic Cult is just the child-raping Mafia

Punish all in-human Mafia Fucks as bad Pederasts with The Punishment

We reveal the members of the Satanic Cult that ruled the world like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, and Kevin Spacey among others are, in fact, just the very normal mafia.


Saudi Arabia: Democracy or War

Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism in Syria and other places contributing to the refugee crisis in Europe.

In 2015 it became known that Saudi Arabia provides tonnes of amphetamines to IS fighters in Syria.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia violates human rights within its country and also internationally – even slaughtering its own citizen – the journalist Jamal Khashoggi – in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, was also a very good friend of sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein.

We tell the corrupt leaders in Saudi Arabia: democracy or war.


Verfassungsschutz: Criminal Organisation

In Germany the national secret service (Verfassungsschutz) has been involved in coordinating right-wing terrorism (NSU). Besides, it is hard to explain how the Catholic Church has been able to organise institutionalised abuse of children without the German secret service noticing it. We suspect the Verfassungsschutz to be a criminal organisation also involved in mafia activities.

We want to know who is responsible and we want these people to be prosecuted and punished.

As a long-term goal, we think that the Verfassungsschutz is so corrupt, and involved in terrorism, pederast groups, and mafia activities that we should abolish it.


Volkswagen (VW): Fraud is Murder

Volkswagen (VW) management has put more than 40-times the allowed amount of NOx gases in the air. We all have an increased risk developing lung cancer and ultimately die prematurely because of these people. We need to severely punish the VW management for criminal assault, manslaughter, and murder.

VW’s managers have also contributed to climate change which affects us all.

The media has labelled the VW scandal simply as a “fraud” – but it is in fact “murder” – a serious attack on all of us which needs to be prosecuted and punished accordingly.

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