Secret Armies preventing Communism – re-branding Gut-Mensch the same way as gay be-came trans-formative

NATO – secret armies to prevent commumism

According to the Swiss historian Daniele Ganser NATO operates secret armies.

The Catholic Church operates multiple so called “knight orders” – we assume these military-style organisations are the actual command structures of NATO’s secret armies.

Specifically we outline that the “Opus Dei” organisation has kidnapped and sold between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain between 1950 to the end of the 1980s for private profits but also to weaken the communists and strenghten the fascists (kidnapping the babies from the communists families and selling the babies to the fascist families).

However, also the “Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem” and the “Teutonic Order” are understood as part of secret armies.

The Catholic Church claims to intend to help the poor and disadvantaged – in reality its a fascist group of pederasts that use the Church‘s wealth for mafia operations.

If the Catholic Church is so wealthy, why is climate change not addressed by investing in start-ups? Why is world hunger not ended? Why is homelessness not ended? Corruption is the answer. The Catholic Church is a corrupt institution.

The knight orders of the Vatican are part of the problem. We want them to be dissolved. We outline the specific individuals we see as part of the criminal network.

First, we accuse Dr Michael Frank Feldkamp (member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem) to run secret right-wing fascist groups undermining the democratic order of our society:

As we can see coordinator Feldkamp speaks to a group of right-wing army members (Askania-Burgundia, 2014):

Here we see a group of right-wing soldiers:

We can see coordinator Feldkamp on the right in his Jerusalem knight costume:

We assume that there is abuse of children involved in organising the fascist soldiers (look at the dead-looking black eyes of this little girl from members of Roman Catholic fraternity Askania-Burgundia Berlin):

Second, we accuse Dr Norbert van Handel – an ex-member of the Order of St. George (Habsburg-Lorraine) – of running illegal mafia activities:

Members of the fascist Order of St. George (Habsburg-Lorraine) in Austria:

Norbert is supposed to receive an extended version of The Punishment: The reason is that Norbert was not willing to give up his robbed fortune to our organisation, the state, or any other charitable organisation.

For every hour that has passed since 25th of May 2020 11:33 Norbert will receive one day of extra Punishment.

The founder Carl Philipp Trump has asked Norbert on the phone (0043 664 18 13 360) if he is mafia – look how Norbert has reacted:


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Third, we accuse Dr Raban Daniel Fuhrmann (0049 179 4688456) of coordinating right-wing groups:

Mr Fuhrmann threatened the founder Carl Philipp Trump in a call: Mr Trump “should enjoy every day when looking in the mirror to be alive”.

We will torture Mr Fuhrmann with an extreme version of The Punishment and vote every 10 years if we should stop that very hard process as he commanded an unjust indefinite punishment for the founder Carl Philipp Trump and many other good people.

Finally, we accuse Horst Hennert (high-ranking Opus Dei member):

Mr. Hennert is not willing to pay any compensation for the 30,000 to 300,000 kidnapped babies that Opus Dei members stole in Spain between 1950 and the end of the 1980s. He is also, of course, not in favor of closing his organisation that has been involved in the highly profitable baby-trafficking business for about 35 years. Finally, Hennert is also not even willing to appologise for his organisation’s crimes – instead, Opus Dei sued the organisation for defamation claiming Opus Dei never ordered the baby-theft on an institutional level but members just acted on their own committing the crimes.

When someone is just not willing to see that baby trafficking is a severe crime which requires very high compensation payments he or she might be a criminal.

Therefore, given the long history of human trafficing operations by Opus Dei and their ignorant position towards compensation payments we just suspect Horst Hennert and other Opus Dei members to be involved in coordinating crime operations even today.

In conclusion, we suspect the knight orders to be involved in the coordination of secret NATO armies as well as organised mafia crime activities.

Let us collectively investigate further.

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