Opus Dei (Latin for “Work of God”):
Gang Criminality of The Catholic Mafia

Baby Trafficking & Financial In-Transparency

Gut-Menschen.org – re-branding Gut-Mensch the same way as gay be-came trans-formative

Members of the Catholic mafia gang Opus Dei (Latin for “Work of God”) – especially nurses and doctors – kidnapped between 30,000 and 300,000 babies in Spain during a period of about 40 years from 1950 to the end of the 1980s – effectively stealing about two or even more babies every day in various Catholic hospitals in Spain from mothers who just gave birth to a new born replacing the new born with a dead body of a baby from the freezer to trick the mothers into believing their baby died when they gave birth (sources: El Pais & German court documents).

Opus Dei sold the babies for huge profits – estimates range from 38 to 380 million euro earned at the time – but besides the illicit earnings they especially intended to weaken and heavily terrorise their political enemies by explicitly only stealing babies from morally good communist families and selling the babies to im-moral fascist families.

Therefore, we want Opus Dei to be classified as a terrorist organisation that tried to erase good human beings – Gut-Menschen – off the Earth who were fighting for the common good of all people – a clear crime against humanity.

Furthermore, we demand a compensation of one million euro for every kidnapped and trafficked baby.

We also think, that Opus Dei is not a religion but the claim to be a religion is effectively just a cover to conduct their felonious business of gang criminality – in fact, we believe, it is the Catholic mafia – a network of in-human im-moral fucks who 1.) rape children and 2.) charge protection money as it is in the 1.) academic literature, in 2.) books as well as generally in the 3.) media openly referred to as “the holy mafia” (source: scientific paper) and even more specifically as the “the holy mafia of the Pope” (source: book & German media article) since 1971 (!) and, therefore, finally demand an investigation by the government for full financial transparency.

Ultimately, Opus Dei is publicly known as the Catholic mafia for over 50 years now – so it is truly time that the government confiscates all of its ill-gotten wealth to just finally pay compensation to all victims and there-after finally closes Opus Dei – just like any other criminal organisation – as soon as possible.

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