The Satanic Cult
is just the
child-raping Mafia:

Punish all in-human Mafia Fucks as bad Pederasts with The Punishment – re-branding Gut-Mensch the same way as gay be-came trans-formative

I. Bad in-human Mafia Fucks are just a bunch of esoteric Wish-Full-Thinkers calling them-selves “Satanists” – while, in fact, Mafia Fucks are just very banal Rapists and more specifically Pederasts that will soon be punished as their Activity be-came too obvious over the Years for inter-national Ob-Servers who just follow the public News

The world of 1.) organised gang criminality (profit aspect) and 2.) mafia terrorism (terror aspect) is pretty straight forward:

These mafia fucks can be described with three aspects:

1.) Violence in form of castrations is used against every-one who is not doing what these in-human mafia fucks want.

2.) These mafia fucks are controlled by 1. esoteric non-sense and 2. wish-full-thinking were some higher-up mafia fucks simulate esoteric experiences so that the lower ranked mafia fucks be-lieve in 1.) Satan or 2.) magic – where as, in fact, of course, there is 1.) no god, 2.) no Satan and also 3.) no connection be-tween wish-full-thinking and the reality.

3.) Child rapes which are often conducted in a gang rape type of setting to foster relation-ships be-tween the mafia fucks.

II. Seven Groups of the Western Mafia

To be specific – there are at least seven parts of the mafia net-work in the Western countries:

1.) Jewish mafia (“Kosher Mafia” or “Undzer Shtik”) using un-necessary middle-man-banking as a form of protection money schemes (“banksters”) – the Jewish mafia kingpin is, of course, Jacob Roth-Schild in London, United King-Dom (UK) and his foreign minister is the mobster George Sorros who is a surpressed homo-sexual as you can find out on using – a Stan-Ford University algorithm to detect sexuality based on facial structure – having even a sur-pressed homo-sexual wife to cover his homo-sexuality – George commits global mafia “revolutions” which are designed to make the mafia stronger and certainly not help the people. One thing to consider: not every Jew is Jewish mafia be-cause not every Jew is rich – but most rich Jewish guys are Jewish mafia.

2.) the Catholic mafia committing 1. child-sex, 2. fraud (“there is life after death” or “there is some-thing you can not see, can not hear, can not measure and it is very power-full – we call it god”), 3. protection money schemes (“give me all your money or you go to hell”) and 4. mafia money laundering (Vatican Mafia Bank). Even the biggest child rapist in history Jeffrey Epstein from the Jewish mafia had two photo-graphs with him visiting the Pope in his flat and also on his pedo-phile island – even in his rape temple – proofing that there is a strong connection between the Jewish and the Catholic mafia working together splitting the market of child-sex between them.

3.) the muslim mafias: 1. Shia mafia (Iran) and 2. Sunni mafia (Saudi Arabia).

4.) other esoteric mafias selling use-less fake medicine such as 1. homeo-pathy or use-less gadgets like fake healing hard-ware.

5.) the rocker gangs – such as 1. Hells Angels, 2. Bandidos etc.

6.) the large Arabic clan families such as Al Sauds (Saudi Arabia), Abou Chaker (Berlin), Remmo (Berlin) and Miri (Berlin).

7.) South-American drug cartels laundering via Jewish mafia bank Safra – more specifically via Chella Safra.

III. It all be-came public through the Ep-Stein and Max-Well Case

Jeffrey Ep-Stein and Ghislaine Max-Well are both known inter-nationally as child rapists and sadists – but they did not act alone – they were part of a much larger network of international pederasts – members of the Satanic Cult.

To be precise the US/Jewish mafia billionaire Leslie Wexner gave 1.) his house Herbert N. Straus House – the largest private residence in New York City and 2.) his privat yet for free to his puppet Jeffrey to make Jeffrey record the VIPs having child-sex.

Leslie effectively ad-mitted in a public video inter-view that he sees him-selve as a great villain saying:


A sentence which is, of course, not true – people remember Caesar more than Brutus who murdered Caesar – so 1.) Leslie is just mistaken in his analysis but, more importantly, 2.) Leslie gives away the fact that the admires great villains – so he admitted effectively that he is a villain running his little child-sex mafia business using Jeffrey as his puppet.

Epstein and Maxwell are even suspected to be part of corrupt circles of Israel’s Mossad secret service: surely before their arrests they felt protected – but eventually even those who thought they would never be touched will be revealed and ultimately be punished in historic proportions with The Punishment.

Ghislaine Maxwell comes from the corrupt Maxwell-family – a known family of spies. Her father – Robert Maxwell – stole hundreds of millions of pounds of his workers pension funds and was known as “Israel’s superspy”  while her two sisters both worked in the business of mass surveillance of citizens.

In the UK we have the corrupt Prince Andrew, the son of the Queen, and in the US we have the corrupt Clintons.

Furthermore, we also have corrupt capitalists such as Bill Gates who was “very close” friends with Jeffrey Epstein and also engaged in mass surveillance of citizens by investing in 2000 in the very spy company run by Ghislaine’s sister Isabel Maxwell (Commtouch at the time, now: CYREN).

Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stanley Kubrick – the acclaimed director of Eyes Wide Shut – has shown us the way: a global power elite rapes children and participates in satanism. demo-cratically lobbies for a radical intensification of the criminal law to punish the satanic pederasts in historic proportions with The Punishment.

Scenes from the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” (1999).

IV. Satanic Pedo-Phile Mafia Get-Together Island

Jeffrey Epstein and the other pederasts of the Satanic Cult had an entire Caribbean island to engange in their sexual abuse of children known as “Pedo-Phile Island” or “Orgy Island” – officially called Little St. James.

On that island we find satanic statues (gargoyles) and a blue-white-striped masonic temple with a golden roof and an owl (The ‘owl‘ is Moloch, a satanic entity that demands child sacrifice, and this link).

The temple is understood by some observers as an access point for a potential underground lair (and this link).

Another property Epstein owned was the so-called “baby making Zorro Ranch” in the New Mexico desert.

In his properties the Satanic Cult – a group of men and women – met and celebrated their Satanic rituals involving sexual violence against children.

V. Clintons’ Friend-Ship with Pederasts Ep-Stein and Max-Well

Ghislaine Max-Well organised the recruitment of young minor girls for the Satanic Cult’s violent sex with children. Max-Well is close friends with the Clintons. She was even at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding AFTER the Ep-Stein scandal became public.

Meanwhile Max-Well was arrested but she is still able to hide all the details of the network of influential pederasts. These pederasts use violence against children and have no respect of prison as a punishment for their crimes.  Therefore, advocates torturing her and other members of the Satanic Cult until all involved pederasts and locations have been identified.

Bill Clinton was “best friends” with Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton has historically been a public liar. In regards to his involvement with Epstein he also lied again: First, Bill Clinton stated in July 2020 he had never visited the Pedophile Island. However, Virginia Giuffre stated that she had seen Bill Clinton on the Island together with two ‘Young Girls’.

Furthermore, Bill Clinton also flew 27 times with Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private air plane – an air plane that Epstein usually provided equipped with minors so that passengers could rape the minors on board and in the air.

Bill Clinton is infamous for living to the public about his sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky. As he lied again about not being on the notorious island we just have to assume the worst: Bill Clinton most likely had not only sex with at least two minors on the Pedophile Island but most likely also with a potentially much larger number on board of the Lolita Express plane.’s founder Carl Philipp Trump has reported Bill Clinton to the FBI on the ground that Clinton lied and based on his extensive flight records with the notorious air plane. However, Bill Clinton was not even interviewed once by law enforcement. Why is he not being interviewed, investigated/arrested or prosecuted? argues we can witness obvious corruption of the US justice system in this case.

Epstein had information about members of the Satanic Cult such as the Clintons and then suddenly committed “suicide” – whereas his autopsy pointed to homocide.

Possibly, Epstein was killed on behalf of the Clintons. This theory is generally known as Clinton Body Count. As many as 50 people critical of the Clintons died over the years – some observers think that so many deaths surrounding the Clintons is just too unlikely so that we have to assume the Clintons are involved in murder.

VI. Prince Andrew: Liar and Pederast

Prince Andrew was a close friend of both pederasts Epstein and Maxwell. In his case there was a TV interview on UK television asking him about a rape of Virginia Giuffre: The prince claimed he had not sex with the victim Virginia Giuffre when she was 17 and forced to have sex with him and that he doesn’t even remember he ever met her. In fact, however, a photo exists of Prince Andrew having his arm around Virginia while Maxwell is in the background. Giuffre says in the TV interview Andrew was sweating a lot when they met. Andrew claims he can not even sweat due to a war injury – which is a stupid lie given the fact that pictures exist of him sweating.

Prince Andrew went on hollidays with Epstein in Thailand – shown here with a top-less girl which is supposedly underage as well. Prince Andrew also stayed at Epstein’s residence in the US for four days after it was known that Epstein was a child-sex-offender. The prince also waved good-bye to a blond girl there – he had supposedly sex with her.

Epstein and Price Andrew also met with the known pedophile director Woody Allen in that place (pictured here with Epstein and also leaving the “JE” residence). Allen had an 8-year affair with a then 16-year old.

Prince Andrew also met with Ghislaine Maxwell at Buckingham Palace.

Another case of corruption is the fact that Prince Andrew is just not getting arrested in the UK.

VII. What else is still open?

1.) US mafia operated through the Biden family with a mafia pederast as US imperator who has molested even his very own daughter.

2.) CIA/FBI being completely infiltrated by mafia fucks rendering them completely use-less.

3.) Germany now has an obvious mafia state running as the 1. chancellor is a known mafia-chancellor, 2. the mafia-foreign-minister wants to attack the nice Russians and the nice Chinese for no reason other than making money by stealing natural ressources and enslaving the 1.3 billion Chinese and also having a mafia-economic-minister who does not want to install filters in the facturies but tells the people to shower less in order to fight Climate Change which is not leading any-where as Climate Change is not caused by privat showering of the people but by the pollution put into the air by factories. Also German domestic secret service is effectively an outlet of the mafia and all relevant judges are compromised effectively being now only mafia-judges – so that it is fair to say that the Nazis are back in charge in the German mafia-government.

VIII. Conclusion

It is time that we finally end the infiltration of mafia fucks in our states – especially we need to end the corruption of our justice system  – meaning the not in the best interests of the people working secret domestic services and punish the satanic mafia pederasts in historic proportions with The Punishment: torturing Ghislaine Max-Well is the way forward to get all the mafia Satanists’ names.

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