Ver-Fassungs-Schutz: Criminal Organisation – re-branding Gut-Mensch the same way as gay be-came trans-formative

In Germany the national secret service (Verfassungsschutz) has been involved in coordinating right-wing terrorism (NSU).

Besides, it is hard to explain how the Catholic Church has been able to organise institutionalised abuse of children without the German secret service noticing it. We suspect the Verfassungsschutz to be a criminal organisation also involved in mafia activities.

We want to know who is responsible and we want these people to be prosecuted and punished.

As a long-term goal, we think that the Verfassungsschutz is so corrupt, being involved in terrorism, pederast groups, and mafia activities that we should abolish it.

Vote for the Gut-Menschen.Party to make it happen.

In this video Ver-Fassungs-Schutz agent Andreas Temme “demonstrates” how he missed two gun shots directly fired in his close proximity and then also “over-looked” the dead body – all in-side a very small inter-net café.
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